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Friday, April 10, 2020
IRMBR is now HEC Recognized in Category "Y"

Saturday, March 25, 2023
1st National Conference on Contemporary Issues in Social Sciences (NCCISS)

Tuesday, December 05, 2023
IRMBR Volume 12, Issue 3 has been published.

Tuesday, December 05, 2023
Volume 12, Issue 4 of IRMBR will publish in December, 2023.

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Become an International Researcher

Academy of IRMBR is a research based organization. It has been working for creating and nurturing talents in UK, Canada and Pakistan since its inception. It is working in the fields of Business education & research and has attained a significant place in the world for its praiseworthy activities. In addition to research activities, IRMBR provides a good quality platform for researchers in business and management areas throughout the world. It plays an important role in the field of research by funding research projects and publishing the research papers.

What would it take for your research to go global? At Academy of International Research in Management and Business Realities (Academy of IRMBR) offered advice on how to boost your international research profile. Furthermore, an increasing focus on international collaboration in funding calls and the development of new platforms and technologies mean it is easier than ever before for researchers to operate internationally. Adopting a global outlook is also highly beneficial for careers in a growing number of fields not solely in disciplines that traditionally expect it, such as astrophysics. So how do you take those first steps towards gaining international credentials? So what support and development do researchers need to become truly global - whether they stay in their countries of origin or are based overseas? How can they develop the international economic, political, social and cultural understanding that will improve them as researchers? Join our Academy, to share your experiences and explore the challenges and benefits of becoming a global researcher.

Work on ‘international’ research

Most fields of research offer scope for you to gain international experience. “Research is inherently a global endeavour,” says Claire McNulty, adviser on life sciences and science policy at the British Council. To start with, find out which areas of research your current institution recognizes as being of international significance, as you are likely to receive more support in these areas.

Make connections, seize opportunities

Your network of contacts is potentially the best source of international opportunities. Lynn Clark of the graduate skills team at the UK’s University of Liverpool says that making connections with those who have a “global mindset” and value international collaboration could be the catalyst for your global experience. As with all aspects of your research career it is vital to identify and develop meaningful relationships with those in your field — whether they are someone you met at a conference, a previous collaborator or a personal connection. In addition, opportunities may arise in calls for funding, research partners or collaborations that have international elements, so be aware of these. Also watch out for industry research and development projects and exchanges.

Explore working abroad

If you’re considering working in another country, be sure this is really the right choice for you. Seek advice from those with experience and consider your family, financial situation and career prospects when evaluating options. Publication with Academy of IRMBR will help you in international career prospects. Academy of IRMBR journals are indexed in more than 60 intrnational databses from all over the world.

Submit, Publish and Grove your career

To prepare for an international move, find out what support your home institution offers and query the internationalization strategy it has in place. Additional help may be available at Academy of IRMBR just submit your research work for further enhancement by our expert reviewers comments and possible publication in relevant field of Scientific journals.




International Research in Management & Business Realities


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