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Friday, April 10, 2020
IRMBR is now HEC Recognized in Category "Y"

Saturday, March 25, 2023
1st National Conference on Contemporary Issues in Social Sciences (NCCISS)

Tuesday, December 05, 2023
IRSS Volume 11, Issue 4 has been published.

Tuesday, December 05, 2023
IRMBR Volume 12, Issue 3 has been published.

Tuesday, December 05, 2023
Volume 12, Issue 4 of IRMBR will publish in December, 2023.

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Academy Ethics


Academy of IRMBR Quality Assurance and its Purposes

Quality assurance (QA) enables any institution to produce its best and high Productivity. Academy of IRMBR was established in 2011 and registred in 2012. After the inception of Academy of IRMBR its is improving constantly. Academy of IRMBR Perceived the quality definition as: Freedom from Defects: A service to our Authors as per their requirement. 

Academy of IRMBR has a Quality Enhancement Cell  (QEC) which has the following purposes to achieved constantly.

·         Bring internal benefits to the Academy/Human Resource/Departments and Authors.

·         To provide a good working environment for academy employees to produce their best.

·         Continuous  improvement is both the medium and outcome of quality assurance.

·         Serve accountability and accreditation requirements.

·         Enhance the reputation of the Academy. 

·         Formulate, clarify its mission, vision, goals, and its relation to those elsewhere in the academy.

·         Identify needs and resources.

·         Develop and implement action planning.

·         Identify strengths and weaknesses in its work.

·         Know where to intervene to make effective and sustainable, continuous improvements.

·         Tto ensure a clear and transparent double blind peer review for research publication process.

·         To make it sure to review articles from the experts of most relevant field.

·         To make it sure that every research has a social/economical/welfare implications.

·         To avoid and control issue of Plagiarism.

·         To Avoid and control unethical aspect in research.

·         To give a sound and acceptable indexing services to authors.

·         To produce a sound practical research environment.

·         To provide a complete solution for any research related issue with full dedication.

Academy of IRMBR is constantly working on Quality enhancement for future better productivity in all aspects to create a clear and unique position in markets for its extra ordinary services and research facilitations. Academy of IRMBR conduct a monthly meeting which includes all editors and reviewers (internal 17 man team) in which diffrient aspects of academy are discusssed. All near actions and future plans are discussed in monthly metting. 




International Research in Management & Business Realities


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